Generate unique icebreakers in seconds 🤙

1000+ delighted users

1000+ delighted users


Unleash the potential of your cadences

Use all the information in your prospecting files to further customize and unlock the full potential of your outreach.

Step 1

Choose your tone and language

Choose the output language and tone of the icebreakers to tailor your approach to your market and personas.

Step 2

Choose the source

Choose the source of the icebreakers, Weclose will then scrape each profile and the information about its organisation.

Step 3

Detecting commonalities

Import the Linkedin profiles of your team members to allow Weclose to detect commonalities with the contacts on your list.

Step 4

3 unique icebreakers per profile

Choose the best icebreaker for each profile. Icebreakers on profile, news and commonalities.

Exceed 75% response rate

You'll love it


Send the icebreakers to your outreach tool

Connect your automation tools without affecting your existing workflows.
Weclose integrates with your existing tools using your API keys.

Lemlist integration

Address your prospects in a cross-channel approach from Weclose.

Twillio integration

Customise your SMS outreach campaigns with Twillio.

LaGrowthMachine integration

Export your icebreakers in one of the most powerful tools on the market.

Zapier integration

Build your workflows automatically without limits with Zapier.

SalesLoft integration

Export your contact lists to the best outreach tool with one click.

Chrome extension

Perfect your icebreakers easily with the Weclose chrome extension.


Get it right 🤌

Choose only the number of credits you need according to the seasonality of your cadences.

Price per icebreaker


Credit packs

Enrichment by .CSV

Unlimited history

Linkedin profile scraping

Credits do not expire



Annual subscription

Team management

3h workshop

Dedicated contact person

Tailor-made integrations

Calculate your ROI

Find out how much money and time you could save with Weclose.

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