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The workflow for generating icebreakers from Linkedin profiles is the historical algorithm of Weclose. We regularly improve it through re-training and model size improvement.

Input required

The key for Weclose to generate icebreakers is the Linkedin URL of your prospect.

You can build your prospecting files from different sources:

  • Evaboot (recommended)
  • PhantomBuster
  • Clay (to easily reconstruct the Linkedin URL of your prospects)
  • CaptainData

That’s it! Weclose takes care of scraping the information about each contact.

Steps of enrichment

Linkedin Profile

Weclose retrieves Linkedin profile information


Google search on the company

Weclose takes over the company's website

SERP request "{company_name}"

Detecting commonalities

Weclose identifies the commonalities between you and the enriched contact

https://linkedin.com/in/{your_identifier} vs. https://linkedin.com/in/{identifier}


You get 3 personalised icebreakers with a timeline, a unique character and a link between you and your contact.

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